About Us

Operation Structure


We have one of the most effective distribution channel in the island having over 8 distribution deports established all over the country which includes northern and eastern provinces.

  1. Distribution is executed by eight distributors covering the whole Island with 08 company appointed sales representatives directly associated with the distributors.
  2. The distribution network covers approximately 4500 chemists and Trade Stores Island wide for Our products on a daily / weekly basis.
  3. The distribution team of 08 Sales Executives are guided and managed by 02 Regional Sales Managers and one National Sales Manager.
  4. In order to cater to the emerging hyper market and key accounts, we have a well experienced manager to serve these institutions exclusively. Under him 2 Merchandisers are working around key channels in order to Merchandise our brands.
  5. An above average discount of 10% and 45 days credit facility has earned the company a high degree of distributor satisfaction and commitment. Our discount and credit facilities are very competitive in comparison to those offered by our competitors.
  6. A relatively small geographical area coverage enables each Distributor to serve every major town 2-3 times per month

Nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating women

LADYMIL® is a nutritional supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Nutrition is a key factor for a healthy pregnancy and lactation. The foods the mother eats provide nutrients to her body and to the (future) baby. Some nutrients have to be increased in order to meet the additional requirements of the mother and her (future) baby. LADYMIL® has been specially formulated to cover all extra nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in complement to their usual diet.