LADYMIL Vanila 400g


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Nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating women LADYMIL® is a nutritional supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Nutrition is a key factor for a healthy pregnancy and lactation. The foods the mother eats provide nutrients to her body and to the (future) baby. Some nutrients have to be increased in order to meet the additional requirements of the mother and her (future) baby. LADYMIL® has been specially formulated to cover all extra nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in complement to their usual diet. LADYMIL® main characteristics: Specific energetic content contributing to cover the additional requirements of pregnant & breastfeeding women Contains high nutritional value proteins ensuring an adequate supply of all essential and semi-essential amino acids Contains essential fatty acids ω3 & ω6, natural precursors of LC-PUFAs (AA & DHA) Enriched with Inulin (natural dietary fiber) to promote the development of a healthy gut microflora and an improved transit time Enriched with 12 minerals & 13 vitamins.

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